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Shana's Baked Goods

Shana Gallagher

Fresh delicious classic baked goods made with quality pure ingredients and bursting with flavour. Ready for your gathering, occasions, celebrations and those quiet indulgent moments as special and enjoyable as possible!

Call to preorder   705 433 2253

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Shana's Holiday Entertaining Tips

The season of festive gatherings is upon us! Family and friends, neighbourhood open houses, co-workers, your book club, church or hockey team – so many reasons to gather and share in indulgent food and treats. Whether your gathering is just a few people or 50 people, casual or formal, a sweets tray or sweets table is a must during the holidays. When I’m planning out an order for a customer at this time of year there a few things I always keep in mind:
    • You will probably need an average of 2.5 pieces per person depending on what              else you’re serving and pieces should be small enough that they’re no more than 2        to 3 small bites
    • I like to make sure that each party order contains the following:
       ▪ At least 2 types of squares (scaled down to 2 bite size!)
       ▪ Something lemon flavoured
       ▪ A mini tart whether it is a pecan tart or 
a fruit-filled tart, or lemon curd
       ▪ Ya gotta have chocolate represented! In at least 2 different ways
       ▪ Mini cupcakes are always fun – if the tray already has lots of chocolate, carrot               cake is a nice way to add variety and stays nice and moist
       ▪ Mini gingersnaps or shortbreads
       ▪ Something bright and red, a raspberry thumbprint cookie, or raspberry tart
       ▪ Festive garnishes
   • If the item is gooey 
or crumbly, make sure it’s served in a mini muffin paper so              guests can eat with one hand and hold a glass or cup while mingling
   • If you have a 
large number of pieces it’s nice to split them on to 2 or more trays

      so they can be placed at each end of a long table or placed on either side of a                  room. A variety of items on a tray (as opposed to each type of dessert being on its          own stand or platter) means things can be passed around the room
And if all of this is sounding very time consuming and complicated and baking is not your thing…. Don’t resort to any old store-bought thing …contact Shana’s Baked Goods and I can help you! or 705-433-2253
And don’t forget all of the other Southern Georgian Bay Farmer’s Market vendors (check out our website who can help you with so many of your entertaining needs….breads, rolls, baking, sauces, cheeses, sausages, meat pies & quiches, dips, oils, and gifts.
See you at the Market!

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