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Herbs, Etc

Jan Boyd

Preserves, Baked goods, Herbal Teas and seasonings, Local Adam's Honey.

Please call for preorders. 

   705 835 5622 ( no text)

When I started Herbs Etc ( approx 15 yrs ago) it was all about the herbs. I had a large herb garden and was just beginning my journey into herbs.

Over the years the Etc. has crept in and in some cases taken over the herbs. Due to circumstances, my herb garden has shrunk and other things have taken up my time.

Now, herbs are once again becoming a very important part of my life.

I have always enjoyed all that herbs have to give. They are culinary, medicinal, full of history and lore, mostly easy to grow, and last but not least add beauty to the garden. A lot of herbs also provide bees, butterflies, and birds nourishment again adding to the beauty of the garden.

I find a wonderful way to enjoy herbs during these cold winter days is to enjoy a cup of herbal tea. Not only do they provide you with their healing effects but also relax and calm you.

Herbs have so much to offer us and a cup of herbal tea and the relaxation and healing benefits it provides is just one example.

Here's to the summer herb garden ..Jan Boyd

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