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The Southern Georgian Bay Farmers’ Market provides a dynamic opportunity for the sale of local farm produce, food products and artisan products. The primary purpose of the Code of Conduct is to ensure the market environment is enjoyable, safe and secure for the public, vendors, and all market participants.


As a vendor of the Southern Georgian Bay Farmers’ Market, I will:

• Conduct myself in a courteous and respectful manner towards the public and all market participants; 

• Comply with all Health Department rules and regulations and observe provincial and federal food legislation; 

• Refrain from using language which is offensive, threatening or intimidating to others and/or any behaviour that interferes with the rights or working/selling opportunities of other vendors;

• Refrain from participating in the market under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

• Operate vehicles or equipment in a safe and responsible manner;

• Follow a no-smoking policy;

• Respect and adhere to the Rules and Regulations established by the Southern Georgian Bay Farmers’ Market. A report of failure to comply with any component of the Code of Conduct or the Rules and Regulations will be assessed and investigated by the Market Manager. Violations of the code will result in the Market Manager and/or the Board taking disciplinary action appropriate to the severity of the violation.



All vendors must adhere to the Vendor Code of Conduct. Anyone who fails to do so may have his or her status as a Vendor revoked for the balance of the year and may result in a permanent ban from the market.

Vendors will be given a verbal warning for a first offence and a written warning for a second offence. For a third offence, the Vendor will be asked to leave the market immediately and will be given written notice of the revocation of their status as a Vendor. Fees will not be reimbursed to a Vendor whose status has been revoked.

All warnings will be given by the Market Manager, together with a member of the Board acting as witness.



a) “FARMER - PRODUCER” is a farmer who grows the produce for sale at the market stall. A farmer - producer may resell products if they are unavailable locally and the resale products take up no more than 30% of the products available at the market stall. MUST POST SIGN IDENTIFYING RESALE PRODUCTS.

b) “FOOD/ PRODUCER” is a food preparer who grows some or all of the ingredients for the products that are available at the market stall.

c) “BAKED GOODS” means a Vendor who sells food items that he or she has personally made. No reselling allowed.

d) “ARTISAN” means a Vendor who sells works of art or handcrafted items that he or she has made him or herself. No Artisan may sell items that he or she has purchased for resale unless that item has additional creative work done to it

by the vendor. If in question, the acceptance of “additional creative work” will be determined by the Board and the Market Manager.


e) “CHARITABLE GROUP VENDOR” means a charitable organization wishing to raise monies for a non-profit or

charitable activity. The groups must be non-partisan and are prohibited from selling any products unless authorized by the

Market Manager.



Vendors may only use the word “Organic” in their signage or marketing materials at the market if they are certified as such by a third party organization (Eg. ProCert).



a) Any person wishing to have a stall and/or table at the market must submit to the Market Manager, or board of directors, a fully completed Vendor Application Form, Hold Harmless Agreement, Product List.

b) Applications are screened by the Market Manager in consultation with the Board of Directors. All new vendor applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors.

c) The Manager and Board may, in their discretion, approve or deny any application for status as a Vendor and shall provide the applicant with an explanation for any refusals. Applications may be approved in full or in part.

d) Payment will be accepted after an application is approved by the Market Manager and/or the Board of Directors.

d) All stall fees are non refundable (Individual appeals may be made to the Board of Directors for special circumstances.)

e) Vendors are not permitted to set up a stall unless fees are paid in full or otherwise agreed upon.



Production sites of all Vendors are subject to inspection, with notice at the discretion of the Market Manager and/or Board of Directors.

I will allow a representative of the market to have access to my place of business (Farm or Kitchen or Studio) at an agreeable time to verify claims made on this application related to the production and distribution of goods being sold at the market.


Priority is given to producers first. Other vendors are considered based on a variety of factors.

Local vendors are given priority during the application process.

The market strives to maintain producers as making up 51% or more of its vendors.



a) All Vendors are to provide their own tents, tables, and signage. All tents must be safely secured. Vendors may not set up a tent if not securely anchored.

b) Every effort will be made to provide a consistent location for full-season and regularly attending vendors - locations may be reassigned at the Market Manager and/or Board of Directors discretion.

c) All vendors’ supplies and equipment will occupy only the space that is allocated to them by the Market Manager.

e) Vendors must keep their stall space and surrounding area clean and remove all debris at the end of the day. Market garbage containers are for the convenience of customers only. Vendors must take their garbage home with them at the end of each market day.



a) Vendors must have a sign identifying their business name and location.

b) No signage shall impede a clear walking path.

d) A Farmer - Producer must display a sign indicating any items that are being offered for resale.



a) Vendors are expected to arrive in a timely fashion at least 30 minutes before the start of the market and have stalls set up at market start time.

b) All vendors must be in attendance and remain set up-for the full duration of each market day. Except where dictated by extreme weather conditions or by permission of the Market Manager.



Occasional Weekly - no refunds for no show. Payments can be transferred to other dates.

Full Season - no refunds. Special circumstances may be considered.


By agreeing to this the document, you agree that you, your family, business, farm, club, or organization will be responsible for its own security at all times while in attendance at the Southern Georgian Bay Farmers’ Market. You indemnify and hold harmless the Southern Georgian Bay Farmers’ Market, the board of directors and representatives, and the Town of Midland and its representatives, from any damage, loss, or theft to you, your representative(s) or your property, which might occur during your participation at the Southern Georgian Bay Farmers’ Market.


You further agree to accept sole liability for the consequences, legal or otherwise, of any injury or loss to persons, whether vendors or market visitors; or any injury, damage, or loss to the property of vendors or market visitors; that results from your failure to properly guard and secure your tent any other item constituting your setup or display or possessions; and you, therefore, indemnify and hold harmless from all claims the Southern Georgian Bay Farmers’ Market and the boards of directors and representatives, and the Town of Midland and its representatives.

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