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2023 Vendor Application


I have read and agree to the rules and regulations outlined on the previous page.

Category Definitions:​

  • Producer/Farmer -You grow and or harvest your own products. NOTE: Reselling is only permitted when a locally produced alternative is Unavailable at the market. At least 70% of your available product must be produced by you.

  • Prepared Foods - You bake or cook your own items. Bakers and other food preparers and preservers must adhere to all related laws and regulations as published by the governments or Ontario and Canada.

  • Artisan - You create or enhance your own items for sale. No reselling of items by others.

  • Charity/Non-Profit - You may be invited to as many as 2 events per season at no charge. 



  • Producer/Farmer - 10x10 feet $360/ season or $25/ week                                                                                                10x20 feet (if available) $540/ season or $37.50/ week

  • Prepared Foods/Artisans - 10x10 feet $420/ season or $30/ week

  • Charity/Non-Profit  10x10 feet   No Charge

Space requested

You must supply your own furniture  IE: tents, weights, tables and chairs and make sure they are secured due to wind.

We suggest that all vendors carry their own liability insurance for their market activities. 

You agree to include a well maintained sign that includes the name and contact information for your business.

Thank you for your interest.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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